Nathan was great to deal with right from the start and I mean first appearance. I asked him represent me he was easily approachable. The speed at which he got things looked after and the verdict I was hoping for. By far the best  lawyer around price was more then fair and his team is incredible to work with.


I was represented even better than I had hoped for. Nathan and his team are top
notch professionals, who are focused on getting their client the best possible
outcome. The ongoing process was always explained clearly and completely. I
highly recommend. Nathan and his team would definitely be my first choice,
should I ever find myself in need of legal representation again. I am so grateful for
everything you did for me. Thank you again Nathan and Lisa.


"Reliable, efficient, understanding and timely. They managed my case effectively and gave me no worries. Well recommended"


"Nathan was very confident and knowledgeable. He won my case and I didn't have to break the bank."


Nathan Baker has represented me in 2 legal issues. I was completely satisfied with his services and the outcome in both cases. He looks out for your best interest and gives excellent advice. He is very prompt on getting back to emails or phone calls during or after business hours. I highly recommend Nathan to anyone who is in need of a lawyer.


"The knowledge and preparedness that Nathan Baker demonstrated throughout the handling of my legal proceedings were exceptional. He matched my highest expectations by reaching an outcome that undeniably reflected a good understanding of the legal system. He handled my case in a professional manner and provided realistic expectations that allowed me to make informed decisions. I would highly recommend Nathan Baker to anyone in need of legal services."


"Was arrested a while ago on a mischief charge. I didn't really have anyone to go to and even though money is tight I didn't qualify for financial assistance ...  Earlier tonight I was contacted by the police again and got very nervous. This was after office hours, but Mr. Baker called me and talked me through the scenarios that I might have had to face. He assured me that he would be there for me and took away a huge amount of stress. The fact that Mr. Baker called me after hours and before even having the chance to meet me has made me incredibly confident ...Thank you all so much for helping me with something that would be absolutely terrifying to face alone!"


"An unfortunate incident happened to me towards the end of 2013. I had a car accident that the police became aware of and filed some pretty heavy charges on me... The incident took place in Burlington, Ontario and it would have been career ending for me had I not received the assistance of Nathan Baker.
Nathan exceeded my expectations, not only in reaching a favorable outcome, but in the support and attention he offered me throughout. He was reachable, kind, and understanding throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in a similar situation. Every bill was quoted accurately, before the work was done, and there were no unexpected charges.
The crown wanted to press criminal charges on me and take away my licence. Something that would have been debilitating to my career since I rely so heavily on my vehicle. At the end of the process, my final charge was reduced to failure to report; three demerit points and a $115 dollar fine. I was extremely happy with this outcome. The entire experience was traumatizing enough that I learned my lesson. I didn’t need to lose my licence and have a criminal record to learn from my mistake ... I haven’t had a single traffic infraction since. Benefit from their services if you too can learn from your mistakes without having your life ruined to do so. They are life savers